Friday, July 28, 2006

Masculinity is real!

I went to a wonderful two day, intense outdoor workshop for me who want to develop spiritually. It reaffirmed my belief that men CAN support each other in really important ways. Our wives, girlfriends and mothers - all the women who impact us - give us wonderful, necessary gifts. But this work is AMAZING! Life Changing!

I am involved in putting on a one day event for men, called A Day For Men. Check it out:

Second Annual

Saturday, August 26 9AM to 4PM

Acquire tools for living powerfully and responsibly, with honor and integrity

Come join with fellow travelers for a chance to:
• communicate your passions and goals
• to be enriched and challenged
• to listen to the wisdom that others bring

Multiple presenters will offer a wide variety of material and experiences that we promise will enrich your life and all your relationships.

This event is about creating a sense of community and having men share wisdom about what it takes to live lives of joy, integrity, and balance. We will spend seven hours teaching, learning, laughing, dancing, sharing, and eating heartily.

Our experience of the first Day For Men last year was that this is not a “wounded man,” personal growth workshop. Men don’t come because there is anything "wrong" with them. It is a day to be with men and talk about men, what we struggle with, what we're good at, where we're challenged, what our gold is and what our shadows are. And it is accomplished because we put aside any attitude of judgment of men and their beliefs, social status, wealth, sexual orientation, etc. It will be a life-affirming and glorious day!

Testimony from the first Day For Men: “Being with all of you men brings up father hunger in me.”
“It couldn't have been anything other than a great day. I got to spend the whole day with my dad.”

When: Saturday, August 26, 9 AM to 4 PM
We will begin and end promptly. Please arrive in time to park and register.

How Much: $25 to cover our costs (park rental, speaker travel and lunch). More if you wish to see A Day For Men thrive!

Where: Stone Steps Pavilion in Mount Airy Forest.
Go to the Mt Airy Park entrance at 5083 Colerain Ave, (which is Rt 27, between the Reagan Highway and I 74), then follow the signs.


For More Information and to Volunteer: Call Clark Echols at (513) 284-1236

The Cincinnati Men’s Gathering is facilitating this event. The CMG is a new membership organization. Its annual dues are $35. Join CMG and this event is only $15.

The Cincinnati Men’s Gathering serves men’s spiritual needs by equipping and supporting men in becoming authentic males, effective fathers, connected husbands, supportive friends and genuine in all their relationships. The CMG promotes men’s spiritual growth and healing through mutual support, spiritual experiences, expert training and sharing groups.

The CMG will produce events that bring expert testimony and spiritual experiences to all the men of the greater Cincinnati area at reasonable costs. Participants will leave every event with a new tool to use in their lives, new friends for mutual support, and new hope for personal and spiritual development.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The Cincinnati Men's Gathering is putting on A Day For Men on Saturday, Aug 26. At a planning meeting, it was noted that whenever it is announced that women are going to get together, everyone thinks that women of all sorts are getting together for mutual support. However, it was said, when it is announced that men are getting together, everyone thinks it is for gay men. Is that true for you? How can A Day For Men effectively announce that it is an invitation for men of all sorts to gather for education, inspiration, encouragement and mutual support? That it is for all people who happen to be male? (It is going to be a wonderful event!) It seems to me that simply including the standard non-discrimination statement perpetuates the discrimination that goes on in our minds (like the thought that if the non-discrimination statement is not used, then discrimination is happening!). Any thoughts?